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Mrs. Branscomb's 1st Graders

1st Grade students in Mrs. Branscomb's class are studying Map Skills in Social Studies - Standards of Learning 1.5.  They made a map of Virginia out of Play Dough and Kayla is showing you what an excellent job she did! Check out the VA Maps in the 1st Grade section at TES.

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

2nd Grade students have been learning about butterflies in their classes. Science Standards of Learning 2.4 states that students will investigate and understand that animals undergo a series of orderly changes in their life cycles. The butterfly undergoes distinct stages and TES 2nd graders were able to observe all of these stages. Pictures above show them releasing their butterflies and it was a very joyous day for all of them!


Compass Learning

We have a online program that students in grades K-8 are utilizing this school year - Compass Learning. Students will be working on their reading and math skills as they are aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning. Compass Learning is an award-winning product that has been researched and is designed to aid in the development of 21st century skills.  

Not only does Compass Learning help empower teachers and engage students, it also helps facilitate parent involvement. You can receive a login and have the ability to monitor your child's progress and achievement on assigned activities. If you would like to have an account - please complete the form below and Mrs. Gina Powell, ECPS Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, will create you an account! 

Compass Learning Parent Login Request Form

Technology Integration Package

Essex County Public Schools has installed a "Technology Integration Package" (TIP) into every math class at Essex Intermediate School and Essex High School. This package consists of a laptop, tablet, LCD projector, six-foot projection screen, and a locked cabinet to store the equipment. Math teachers can utilize technology and allow students to participate by using the tablet which is projected onto the screen. We are teaching our students to be productive in the 21st Century by integrating this new technology to achieve our district goal.

Free Breakfast

To ensure that all students are properly nourished and ready to reach their full academic potential we are offering free breakfast to ALL STUDENTS for the 2014-2015 school year. Please make sure your child arrives at school on time each day to take advantage of this program.



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