Pathways to Excellence
Mrs. Harsh's Science Experiment

Students are studying Science - Standards of Learning 4.1c  in Mrs. Harsh's 4th grade class. According to the National Science Education Standards, the abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry include employing simple equipment and tools to gather data and extend the senses. Mrs. Harsh's students conducted an experiment to determine if the temperature of the water will affect the rate at which an Alka-Seltzer tablet dissolves. 

Mrs. Branscomb's 1st Grade Students

1st Grade students in Mrs. Branscomb's class are studying Map Skills in Social Studies - Standards of Learning 1.5.  They made a map of Virginia out of Play Dough and Kayla is showing you what an excellent job she did! Check out the VA Maps in the 1st Grade section at TES.

Lifecycle of a Butterfly

2nd Grade students have been learning about butterflies in their classes. Science Standards of Learning 2.4 states that students will investigate and understand that animals undergo a series of orderly changes in their life cycles. The butterfly undergoes distinct stages and TES 2nd graders were able to observe all of these stages. Pictures above show them releasing their butterflies and it was a very joyous day for all of them!